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You could take a Ready Bed type of air mattress with you.

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I think it would fold up nicely in the suitcase. Start having your dd sleep on it a couple times a week so she gets used to it. If she has a stuffed animal, special blanket or anything else she sleeps with, don't forget to pack it. Joined Jun 1, Pack n Plays and cribs in hotels never worked for us. Toddlers like things that are familiar and even if they initially fall asleep, think about how scary it must be for them when they stir in the middle of the night like everyone does and they open their eyes and don't know where they are.

I know that it has happened to me when I'm on vacation. It is easy to get disoriented when you are in unfamiliar surroundings. Our solution is letting the kids sleep with us. I sleep with my 6 and 1 yr olds and DH sleeps with our 4 yr old who kicks like crazy! Of course, I don't sleep as good, but I'd rather the kids get a good night sleep. Good luck! Oh, and don't forget to bring their favorite blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, or whatever they need to sleep with! My kids all go to sleep listening to the "baby go to sleep" cd so we always bring a cd player with their favorite cd.

I've been playing the cd every night since they were infants and they are conditioned to fall asleep when they hear it, lol! Joined Feb 28, We bring everything from the crib, the bottom sheet, the blanket, and his stuffed animal and use it at the hotel. We had the full size cribs in May, and basically, just rolled them against the bed, so if the kids woke up, they were looking right at us. Also, our doors at home have space under them, and I work at home at night, my older kids stay up later than the babies, and my husband also works nights and gets ready for work after they go to bed.

So there is noise in our house at night The doors in our villa would make the room silent when we closed them, so we just turned the TV on low and closed the one door on the armoire to block the light from it. They were out like a light every night. Joined Jul 29, Bring with you a dark shower curtain and a few 3M hanging clips with the pull release tabs to stick to the walls. With the clips and the curtain make a 'small' room in one of the corners of the hotel room.

Keep it open when not dd is not sleeping and closed when sleeping. We also kept the TV on softly on the whats going on tommorow station and air conditioning. It may also help if one parent puts dd to sleep while the other one goes for a late swim or ice cream with your older one. Joined Jan 1, Not much help, but we just let DD 3 just sleep with us on vacation.

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If it's a king bed, all three of us can fit. I know a lot of people think it's "giving in", but when I'm on vacation, this is just the last thing I want to deal with! We were so tired at WDW that we all just fell asleep and stayed that way all night. Now, the transition back to her normal bed when we got home was not entirely pleasant, but I'd rather do that at home than a hotel room. What kind of things did you do in Massachusetts?

The Amateur Mouseketeer

I think you may have better luck at WDW. The only trip I had trouble with my youngest was when she was 11 months and not yet walking. She slept in the stroller and just didn't get enough "floor" time to be tired out at night. I had rented a full size crib but she slept for all about 2 hours in that all week.

At 33 months I brought actually shipped it UPS to the resort and the resort UPS it back home to me a ready bed for her sister loved that too and again she slept with me and again did fine. On our next trip she'll be over 3 and so now we need 2 rooms so she'll again share a bed with me and her sister will have her own bed.

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I really think she'll be more tired out at Disney and you'll have better night. How about a portable DVD player? Too bad they no longer have the bed time stories-those were great. Lizzy2 Disney freak-in-training. Joined Jul 3, My guess is you will probably have to walk a fine line on the being tired issue because its true that if they are too tired they will have just as much trouble but do let her be as active as you can during your day and not just stay in the stroller the whole time.

We had this same issue when our dd was just a little older but by the third night she had settled in. We did let her just sleep with us until she was good and asleep and then put her in the portable. Do bring all of her stuff from home and keep the eating and napping and before bedtime routine as much the same as you can. You may also be suprised by how much a few months time can mean for a toddler. Russell Brand: Yeah! I wanted to do it with Adam. Then, I thought, as I spent more time learning about it, I got to meet other people, like Adam Shankman was involved, I found out all his movies make loads of money.

Now, if people associate you with the idea of loads of money, they in turn will give some of that money to you. More manipulative. Imagine if Willy Wonka had a devious goal. Which is the biggest challenge? Adam Sandler: I remember everything you said. First of all, good question.

Kids Hypnosis Bedtime Story 1 - Bonnie (Sleep Hypnosis for Children)

What the hell was the—. The future. Is it going to affect your decision making in the future? Adam Sandler: I thought so. I come home at night. I see my kids. Adam Sandler: Thank you, Shank-man. Adam Sandler: None of them are difficult. I have fun doing them all. When I write, I sit down with my friends, come up with ideas. I want to make a movie my kid can see. And you have a kid. I think it would be fun. You should come do it. It was something like that.

Keri Russell: It was. Adam Sandler: Well, I told you you were great in Waitress first. Me and my wife saw Waitress and we were really blown away by old Keri. Keri Russell: Jackie. It was really Jackie who cast me. Keri Russell: No, it just sounded like fun. It was so great and there were kids all around. Adam Sandler: You were like the mother on the set.

She was nice to the two kids the whole time. Go talk to Keri Russell over there.

What ever happened to the original Mickey Mouse Club Mousketeers?

Was there improvisation like there was with Russell? Adam Sandler: Yeah, we did a little bit, but we felt comfortable with each other. I swear to God, it helps. It makes it light and fun. Keri Russell: It was good, yeah. Good time. You are very relaxed in it. Are those things you seek out? Adam Sandler: Funny People.

Can you talk about growing your gibberish skills? Adam Sandler: You know what? It felt good. I swear to you. Did you feel it was difficult? Sometimes parameters I think create better work because otherwise you have sort of go-to places comedically. Although a lot of children do eat poo. Keri Russell: Like I was saying—that was one of the cool things about this movie is Adam had kids, Covert had kids, Jack had kids, everyone had kids there so it was really fun. One of the babies would stop by, and everyone would stop and play with the kids.

It really was like that. It made it really nice. Adam Sandler: If you were with us three years before that you would have hated us. Keri Russell: I know! Keri Russell: It really was like that. Elephants would be on the set one day and everyone brought their kids and took pictures with the elephants. And, you know, I was dressed as a mermaid one day, and all the kids took pictures with me. It was just that kind of set. I had a picture with the mermaid, as well. Very different motivations. Thank you. We wanted to make sure the guys who show up to my movies have a good time.

Our lovely Teresa Palmer. The body!

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Keri Russell: Come on! Why not?

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Russell Brand: Oh! We should all definitely go! If there is one thing you want the audience to take away from the film when they leave, what would it be? Russell Brand: Their litter! I hope that they take away a couple of things. So this notion that spending time together, being creative, using your imagination, there are no limits, and there are happy endings and can be.

Adam Sandler: How was I? They were just great kids. He got along actually a lot better than I thought you would. Working with kids, especially as much as we did, it can be hard because their attention spans are dododododo. When you have certain kid hours, only a certain amount of day, you need them focused. Kids can play in the splash pad area or 1 of 2 child play areas.

Plus a free shuttle to the Lake Buena Vista Outlets. Keep in mind, when you stay on property the shuttles only take you to the Disney theme parks. Not bad for everything that is included. Click here for more info. Blue Tree Resort —located in Lake Buena Vista, is a condo-style resort that offers 1 or 2 bedroom suites.

They also offer a vacation package that includes your ticket to the parks. Early check in is also available. I recommend the deluxe tower for the view of Animal Kingdom Click here for more info. Scheduled shuttle service to Walt Disney World theme parks and outlets is also included with your stay.