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Interesting business model: not! I signed on for contract work in editorial despite all the complaints and lawsuits, thinking I'd see for myself how they operate. Read your contract. There's a reason why the payment schedule is not mentioned. Every payment due me for work previously completed was late. But what's "late"? When I politely queried payroll, I got no answer. When I traveled up the chain of command, I got 5 different answers. The final one was net 30 days: "and we strive to make that every time. We make our deadlines; you pay your contractors when it's due. It's called an agreement.

Not so: as I found out, this was false, too. The reality is that they offer a payment plan to clients who prep their books for pub through the agency. Then they don't pay contractors until those checks come through. There's no way to know who is on a payment plan, what it is, or when you will get paid for work that you've already done.

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In essence, they are offering clients credit on the backs of their contractors. The company either doesn't have the cash on hand to pay for work for which it has contracted, or staff choose not to pay that out to meet their obligations on time. The pay rate is already low; the interaction with staff is unpleasant; and you cannot count on payment in order to meet your own obligations.

When I asked about these issues, I was lied to and then silently canned. The thing is, I had sent them a query almost a year ago and now they are just getting back to me. Thank you all for the reviews and keeping desperate writers like me from making a bad and costly mistake. I have been trying to get published for over three years. I also search on Predators and Editors; an excellent site for editors. It just takes a while to do the work involved because some of the publishers are defunct; but all in all, a good site. Frustrated Writer. I've just had an approach via my website by Tom Wallace of the IBlibrary.

I was suspicious since it looked like a form letter and did not mention any specific titles so thought I'd do some digging and found the IBlibrary on your list of people who work with this crowd. I'm a UK children's author traditionally published and currently republishing my reverted backlist as ebooks and had not heard of this company before, so thanks for the warning!

I'll pass this on to the Society of Authors. I published my first novel with these guys also and paid over a grand for nothing to come from it, now I am trying to terminate my agreement with them but have no idea how to get in touch with them to do so Same experience here.

The twenty or so books I sold of my poetry book was totally because of my efforts.

August 16, 2009

I was charged us dollars and that is a huge amount in Indian currency. Further, 3 years down the lane, they asked for USD paymemt for them to keep the online store listings of the book and I terminated my contract with them. They did nothing to help the promotion of book and I have a better website than their cheap webpage made for the book.

August 11, 2009

And the cover page they made for the book was stupid. And when I expressed I needed change, they said it would cost more. A huge con of a publisher they are. I closed the contract and went onto publish an ebook of it on Smashwords. Which is better to reach readers. Even if for free, that is a better option than paying these predators. Outfits like these are the literary equivalent of an insect predator that mimics the pheromones of its prey. The hopeful moth comes spiraling down, thinking to fulfill its destiny, and finds only a set of mandibles and an endless appetite. The people who operate confidence scams are generally psychopaths, lacking any sense of empathy or fellow-feeling for their victims.

They look upon us the way lions look upon antelopes: free food for the taking. They lie and cheat and walk away smiling. As a rule of thumb, if the business wants money from an author --for publishing, agenting, promotion, marketing, and even editing -- chances are good it's a scam. There are editors and manuscript evaluators who give value for money I'm one myself but you have to make sure they're legit, by finding out whom they've worked for and making inquiries as to the quality of the work.

I just regrettably published with these people. Tom Wallace in the beginning sold me a very different reality of what is taking place. I am furious with them and feel foolish for not doing some research before I committed. After paying what I thought was all inclusive including marketing, I now understand was just the beginning of the fees. What a joke! This company is horrible and you should tell everyone you know to stay far away. Stay away from this company they take your money and that is it. You pay for your books and there is no other compensation for sales or royalties.

If you want to be published it is better to do it yourself if you have no agents or helpers or if you just can't afford the hoops they put you through financially, or emotionally. Just stay away from these people who are exploiting writers for profit. Fred L Smith. I only wish I had seen them prior to signing with them for my second book. Editing was poor to sloppy, the website they were to create was simplistic and full of errors, and I was never given a password that would enable its correction or deletion. SBPRA did not follow through on its promise of distributing a press release.

Tom Wallace who is mentioned in several posts above has a nice manner on the phone but does not deliver on any of his promises. I am now to the point at which they are not even responding to my emails, including requests for help with the website. Has anyone considered initiating a class action suit against these people?

So sad to read all of the above comments. Every time I turned around they were asking for more money. They are criminals and should be prosecuted. I terminated my contract with them in and self-published a revised edition of my book Farewell to Freedom on Create Space. SBPRA did not follow through with any of their "promises" Last evening a friend contacted me to say that copies of the original title published with SBPRA in is now being offered for sale on Amazon for a penny plus handling fees I played their game and signed up for overseas sales, book shows, press releases, etc.

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They are total scammers. Writers beware. Do not fall for their lies.

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Anita Waggoner. Writer's Beware!

SBPRA is not a reputable company. They continue to scam me in even though I terminated my contract with them in They continue to profit from my efforts even though our agreement was terminated. I've received nothing but bad publicity as they continue to promote and profit from an outdated version that requires editing and changes.

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  • In after terminating my contract with them I self-published on Create Space with a new edition of Farewell to Freedom. It's impossible to get Amazon to drop the book once you have it listed for sale on their site. The best solution they could offer was to post on the older version of the book that a "newer version was available and post the new ISBN number".

    Is your landlord registered with us?

    DO NOT believe their promises to promote you world-wide, show your books at book shows, publish press releases, etc. They are scammers who will use and abuse writers from the get go and continue to profit from you workers for years to come. They should be prosecuted for their criminal acts.

    Thank you for all your comments. Unfortunately I am having similar experiences. Please let me know if you had a similar experience as mine: I published with them in The Gypsy Saw Two Lives Soon after publishing I discovered the hard way most of the scams you discovered. I wrote Strategic, they denied having a contract with Playster behind my back. Myraculously, when I tried to get to the link again, it was broken! Last year, I discovered Scribd was offering my book in PDF format although the book was published in eformat as well.

    I called Strategic and they denied any knowledge of it! However presently on Scribd there is a notice that the book is not currently available! I have not received any royalties last year and now I understand why, since they list on Amazon under different ISBNs!!!

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    But to sell to China and online subscriptions companies without paying me royalties???? In other words we all are being robbed! It looks like we must put an end to this scam and power is in numbers. Please contact me at rodimihalis gmail. Thank you. I did. I spent on at least getting the option and they screwed me on everything else.

    I'm a disabled veteran from No BS. I'm pissed they could have been decent and turned me down. Now I'm hunting. Wouldn't even take my calls any more. Good thing I record all my calls. I went to my parents and they seem excited. I'm gonna take everything they have and lock them up, Good willing. I have invested many more s of dollars to promote my book, and not a cent. They are robbers, Yes I would be involved in class action against this crowd, can you advise me. Please help if you can. Thank you Ray Dale.

    Sorry to hear that Raymond. US taxpayers aren't getting their money's worth from the law in this regard, and hell sry, but it's an appropriate word , rope and bullets aren't that expensive. I'm still getting their spam after many years. I guess I inquired of them, but thankfully checked their creds first. Glancing at their latest spam it has less bold red capital letters so they're slowly working on presentation. Check the posts above for links and names to google and check AboluteWrite WaterCooler where I'm sure I first began check, they have a fraud section.

    Good luck and remember, "God only chastises the one's he loves," fwiw to you. My email address is radale. Yes God does chastises the ones he loves. This man Fletcher has not only robbed me but little children, he will have to answer to God for that, unless he repents and turns from his selfish evil road he is on. Thank you Vapsadf. I like you have been tageted by Tom at sbpra I am so glad I have not signed or sent anything to them. You would definitely be better to go to create a space or amazon. Best Picture Oscar winners ranked. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

    Top Rated Movies 16 Won 5 Oscars. Learn more More Like This. Goodfellas Biography Crime Drama.

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    The Silence of the Lambs Crime Drama Thriller. Forrest Gump Drama Romance. Schindler's List Biography Drama History. Fight Club Se7en Crime Drama Mystery. Pulp Fiction Crime Drama. The Green Mile Crime Drama Fantasy. The Usual Suspects Crime Mystery Thriller. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly The Godfather: Part II Inception Action Adventure Sci-Fi. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Jack Nicholson McMurphy Louise Fletcher Nurse Ratched Will Sampson Chief Bromden Michael Berryman Ellis Alonzo Brown Miller Peter Brocco Matterson Scatman Crothers Turkle Dean R.

    Spivey Mwako Cumbuka Warren Danny DeVito Martini William Duell Sefelt Josip Elic Bancini Lan Fendors Nurse Itsu Nathan George Washington Ken Kenny Edit Storyline McMurphy has a criminal past and has once again gotten himself into trouble and is sentenced by the court. Taglines: If he's crazy, what does that make you? Genres: Drama. Language: English. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Wexler believed his dismissal was due to his concurrent work on the documentary, Underground , in which the radical terrorist group "The Weather Underground" were being interviewed while hiding from the law.

    However, Milos Forman said he had terminated Wexler over mere artistic differences. Wexler and Butler received Academy Award nominations for Best Cinematography, though Wexler said there was "only about a minute or two minutes in that film I didn't shoot. Goofs During the fishing trip, when McMurphy comes out of the cabin we see Candy behind him wearing only panties and holding her shirt to her chest.

    After a two-second cutaway, we return to see Candy wearing the shirt. She could not have gotten dressed that quickly. Nurse Ratched : Good morning. Attendant Washington : Good morning, Miss Ratched. Nurse Ratched : Mr. Miller : Morning. Nurse Pilbow : Good morning, Miss Ratched.