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William Butler Yeats

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hu Ge in Hu Ge Studio under Tangren Media. The National Anthem. The Ghost Inside. The darkness drops again but now I know That twenty centuries of stony sleep Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle, And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

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I gave what other women gave That stepped out of their clothes. But when this soul, its body off, Naked to naked goes, He it has found shall find therein What none other knows ,. But for him it was his last afternoon as himself, An afternoon of nurses and rumours; The provinces of his body revolted, The squares of his mind were empty, Silence invaded the suburbs.

The current of his feeling failed: he became his admirers. Now he is scattered over a hundred cities And wholly given over to unfamiliar affections; To find his happiness in another kind of wood And be punished under a foreign code of conscience. The words of a dead man are modified in the guts of the living. Follow, poet, follow right To the bottom of the night, With your unconstraining voice Still persuade us to rejoice;. With the farming of a verse Make a vineyard of the curse, Sing of human unsuccess In a rapture of distress;.

In the deserts of the heart Let the healing fountains start, In the prison of his days Teach the free man how to praise. Wikipedia has an article about: William Butler Yeats. Wikisource has original works written by or about: William Butler Yeats. Wikimedia Commons has media related to: William Butler Yeats. Namespaces Page Discussion. It is said: The companions of Husayn a. They were as described by a poet:. When all his companions were martyred and none except his household remained, Ali Ibn Husayn a. Imam permitted him.

Imam hopelessly had a glance at his son and wept with lowered eyes and then said: "O Allah! Be witness. Surely a youth has rushed to battlefield who is the most similar person to your messenger in appearance, nature, and manners. Whenever I longed to look at Your Messenger, I would to look at him. Then he yelled and said: "O Ibn Sa'ad, may Allah cut off your generation just as you cut off my kinsfolk. Then Ali rushed to the battlefield and waged a furious war and sent a number of unbelievers to the hell.

Then he returned to his father and said: "O dear father! Thirst has almost killed me, and the weight of the armor has sapped my strength. Is any water available? Wherefrom can I bring water? Put up some more resistance. Very soon you will meet your grandfather Muhammad S who will give you a drink, after which you will never feel thirsty. Ali went back to battlefield and gave the greatest fight.

Manqaz Ibn Marrah Abdi threw an arrow, which made Ali fall down. He cried: "O father! Accept my Salam farewell. May Allah protect you. Here is my grand- father who sends greetings to you, and says: Hurry up to us. What made them bold enough to go against Allah and violate the honor of His Prophet?

Life after you is but a spit. The narrator said: Zainab, daughter of Ali a. Thereafter, one after the other from the holy household of Imam rushed to the battleground and won the honor of martyrdom. Imam cried: "O my cousins! O my family members! Be patient. Show forbearance.

The Sword of Sighs

By Allah, after this day, you will never be dishonored or humiliated. Ibn Fuzail Azadi inflicted a wound on his holy head. He fell down on earth and yelled: "O my uncle! Ibn Fuzail gave out a loud yell. Hearing his yell his army rushed to save him. The horses crushed the blessed body of that handsome youth and thus he was martyred.

The narrator says: Once the storm of war settled, I saw that Husayn a. Imam said: "Far from the Mercy of Allah are those who killed you; those with whom your grandfather will quarrel on the Day of Judgement. Or that he responds but without any benefit for you. By Allah, today his enemies are frequents, and his friends few.

Explore poetry from the inside out

The narrator said that when Husayn a. He cried: "Is there anyone to defend the family of the Prophet of Allah? Is there anybody who knows Allah and fears Him regarding our rights? Is there any helper to help us for the sake of Allah's mercy? At that time, a wailing arose from the womenfolk. The Imam came to the entrance of the tent said: "O my sister Zainab! Bring my little son 24 so that I may bid him goodbye. Harmala 25 threw an arrow, which pierced the neck of the little infant.

Imam asked Zainab: "Hold him. Imam Baqir a. It is said that at that mo-ment Zainab, sister of Imam, brought the baby to him and said: "This child of yours has not had water for the last three days. Please ask water for quenching his thirst. You killed my companions, friends, and my household. And now only this infant has remained which is wailing for water.

Give him some water for quenching his thirst. The narrator said: Husayn a. He rode a horse and intended to reach the Euphrates river. This was so when his brother Abbas stood before him. A man from Bani Daram threw an arrow towards Husayn a. Imam placed his hands below the wound, and when his both hands got filled with blood he flung it up-wards and exclaimed: "My God! I complain to You about what is happening to the son of the daughter of Your Prophet. Then the enemy separated Abbas from Husayn a.

The poet portrays it like this:. The narrator said: Then Husayn a. It continued until he killed many of them. He said:. One of the narrators says: "By Allah, I have never seen a man who had lost his family members and companions, and bearing the sorrow of all calamities, yet showing so much courage and bravery on the battle- field.

The enemy continuously launched collective attacks on him. He responded all of them as a consequence of which they fled from him, like a flock of goats flee from a wolf. Sometimes he attacked the crowded army of enemy, and scattered them. Then the Imam would return to his main place and said: La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil a'liyyil a'zeem There is no strength nor power, except from the Almighty Allah. The narrator said: The Imam fought continuously till the time the enemy came between him and the womenfolk and separated them.

The Imam shouted at them: "Woe unto you, o followers of the family of Abu Sufyan. If you have no religion and do not fear the Hereafter and Resurrection, then at least be free and noble in your world; and if you are Arabs, then return to your race in good behavior.

And it is no fault of the women.

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So until I am alive, these rebels, renegades and unwise people should not disturb my family. In the meanwhile, he sought water but could not get it until he suffered seventy-two wounds and injuries. Imam tucked up his shirt to prevent the flow of blood from his head. Then a poisoned trident arrow pierced his blessed chest. You know that these people are killing a man who is the only son of the daughter of Your messenger on the surface of the earth. Then he fetched out the arrow from his back, and blood gushed through the wound like a drain- pipe, depriving Imam from his battling strength.

Every person from the enemy camp who approached the wounded Imam to kill him turned back fearing that he would have to meet Allah as a partner criminal in killing the Imam. It cut the top of the helmet reaching the skull.

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The helmet overflowed with the holy blood. He put a mitre on his head and fastened his turban over it. After a short pause the enemies returned to Imam and encircled him. At that time Abdullah 27 Ibn Hasan Ibn Ali, who was about twelve years old, came from the camp of the women and rushed towards the Imam. Zain- ab, daughter of Ali a. Abdullah forcefully. Abullah said: "Woe unto you, the offspring of malicious man! Are you killing my uncle? The teenager shielded Imam from the stroke of a sword whereby his hand was cut and began to dangle.

Abdullah cried: "O uncle! Bear patiently what you have suffered, and consider it good, because Allah will make you meet your pious forefathers. Harmala bin Kahil threw an arrow at Abdullah and martyred him by the side of his uncle. You are demanding fire to burn my family? May Allah burn you in fire. So he returned ashamedly. Then Husayn a. He said: "Not this, because this is a disgraceful dress. Then he took an old cloth, made some tears in it, and wore it beneath his dress.

But they stripped him after his martyrdom, and that cloth looted too. Thereafter Imam a. During summer his hands used to become swollen with blood and puss oozed therefrom till Allah killed him. When many wounds were inflicted on the holy body of Husayn a. The narrator said: Zainab s. O my leader! O my household! I wish the sky had fallen down on earth. I wish the mountains had come down to the plains, scattered. The Imam also gave him a blow killing him.

Another fellow struck his sword on the back of Imam, which caused Husayn a. After this he sat up with much difficulty, and again fell on the earth and rose up and walked. Sinan bin Anas Nakhai 31 curse of God be on him inflicted a wound with his spear on the cavity of Imam's a. He fell again and then sat up and pulled out the arrow from his blessed neck.

But thereafter he caught the lower part of his neck with both of his palms, which were filled with his holy blood. He colored his head and beard with it and said; "I am going to my God with such a hair dye, while my rights have been violated. Come down and relieve Husayn. Then he cut off the holy head. The narrator said: After the martyrdom of Imam a. So they paused for hours until the storm passed away.

Hilal said, "I separated from the two rows of soldiers and stood by the side of Husayn a. His holiness was on the verge of death. By Allah, I have never seen a blood-covered body more beautiful than he, nor any face brighter than his. The brightness of his face made me doubtful about his death. Hilal heard that someone telling him, "By Allah. You will not taste water until you drink the boiling water in hell. Rather I will approach my grandfather, the Messenger of Allah, and will take refuge in his abode, on the platform of Truth, near the All Powerful Monarch Allah , and will drink pure water and will complain to him about your atrocities.

Experiencing extreme wonder at this, stone heartedness and cruelty, I said, "By Allah I will never join you in any matter. Afterwards he suffered from leprosy, and his hair also dropped off. It is mentioned in traditions that there were one hundred and ten marks of arrows and spears in it. Imam's a. It is mentioned in a tradition that he too had become bedridden after both of his legs were paralyzed. He also had become a lunatic thereafter. Imam's shoes were looted by Aswad Ibn Khalid l. The sword of Imam was seized by Jumeeh bin Khalq Oodi. Muhammad Ibn Zakariya 34 added that the sword, later on, reached to the daughter of Habib Ibn Badeel 35 , and this plundered sword is other than Zulfiqar.

Because Zulfiqar is one of the relics of Prophethood and Imamat, which have been divinely protected. Narrators have testified what we have mentioned. A man told her: "O the slave girl of Allah. Your master has achieved martyrdom. The girl said: "I rushed towards the respected ladies and the womenfolk while screaming," the chaste and veiled womenfolk stood up, cried and wailed. They went to such extremes that they pulled off any cover from their shoulders.

The Prophet's S daughters rushed out screaming and wailing due to their separation from their defenders and dear ones. Are you plundering the daughters of the holy Prophet S? Command and kingdom belongs only to Allah! Her husband caught her and sent her back to her place. The narrator reports: Thereafter, they drove out the honorable ladies from their tents bareheaded and barefoot, arrested them and put their tents to fire. A narrator has said, "By Allah! I can never forget how Zainab, daughter of Ali a. May the blessings of God be on you. This is your Husayn laid bare-bodied with bleeding dismembered organs.

Woe unto this calamity.

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Your daughters are enslaved. Here is Husayn killed by the bastards in this desert, where wind covers him with sands. We seek safety from all this grief and sorrow and all these hardships and calamities meted out to you Aba Abdillah! It is as if my grandfather, the Messenger of Allah, has left this world only today. These are the progeny of Muhammad, who are being carried like slaves. Your daughters are captives, and your progeny assassinated, on the bodies of which the desert wind is spreading sands.

Here is Husayn whose head has been cut off from the nape of his neck, without turban or cloak. May my father be sacrificed for the dear one, who did not go on a journey from where there is a hope of returning. Nor is he ailing in such a way that it can be cured. May my father be sacrificed for the one, for whom my life is also ready to be sacrificed.

May my father be sacrificed for the grieved one, who has been martyred, a thirsty one who died with dry lips. May my father be sacrificed for the esteemed one his own blood drained from his beard. May my father be sacrificed for the honorable one, whose grand- father was the messenger of Allah. May my father be sacrificed for the one who is the grandson of the holy Prophet S. The reporter says, "By Allah, Zainab caused both friends and foes weep through her sorrowful dirge. Thereafter Sakina 36 drew the holy body of his father to her lap.

Some Arabs separated her from her father. These ten fellows trampled the holy body of Husayn a. They replied: "We are those who crushed the back and chest of Husayn with the hooves of our horses. Ibn Ziyad awarded them prizes. Abu Umar Zahid 38 has said, "We have searched the biographies of these ten fellows, and found that all of them were bastards. He was present in Karbala.

He was asked about his blindness. He replied, "I was present in Karbala on the day of Ashura. I had not used any spear, sword, or arrow. After the martyrdom of Imam a. I returned home. I went to sleep after performing the Isha evening prayer. He said, "I have nothing to do with him? He saw holy Prophet S sitting in wilderness. His shirt sleeves were rolled up to elbows. There was a weapon in his hand. An angel had stood near him with a red-hot sword in hand. He was killing my nine friends. Every one of them who was hit by that sword caught fire and was in flames. There was a long pause.

Then he raised his head and said, "O enemy of Allah! You ended my respect, killed my relatives, did not honor my rights, and did what you did. I submitted: "O Messenger of Allah! I did not use a sword, a spear, or an arrow. But you were a soldier of that army. Come nearer to me.

I saw a plate full of blood.

The Sword of Sighs (The Age of the Flame, #1) by Greg James

He said, "This is the blood of my son Husayn. Then I woke up from my dream and from that moment I could not see anything. It is reported by Imam Sadiq a. When Fatima would see him she will shriek such a loud lament, which will cause every proximate angel and prophet to weep. Then the Almighty Allah will bring Husayn a. He will fight his enemy without head. Thereafter, Allah will gather, for me, all those who cooperated and were participants in the shedding of his holy blood.

Then I will kill all of them. They will be made alive and Amirul Momineen a.