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Lisa then remembers a poem she knew when she was younger, about a woman named Mary Shaw. Jamie disregards this and leaves to get dinner; Jamie returns to discover Lisa is dead with her tongue ripped out, and Billy is lying on the floor near her body.

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Detective Jim Lipton Donnie Wahlberg suspects Jamie of the murder, but there is no evidence against him. Jamie returns to his apartment and discovers that Billy belonged to Mary Shaw Judith Roberts , a ventriloquist from his hometown of Ravens Fair. Returning to the town for Lisa's funeral, he first confronts his estranged father about Mary Shaw. Jamie's father has suffered a stroke and is now wheel-chair bound, and he has a new wife, Ella Amber Valletta , who takes care of him.

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His father and Ella remind him of the children's poem regarding Shaw and her penchant for cutting out her victims' tongues. After Lisa's funeral, Jamie wanders into an old cemetery where he finds Shaw's grave and those of her puppets. Marion Joan Heney , the mortician's senile wife, warns him of the danger of Shaw's puppets, and he realizes he should rebury Billy. He does so, only to find the puppet in his room later in the night, accompanied by Lipton, still not convinced of Jamie's innocence.

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Jamie tells him about the poem, but Lipton is skeptical. The next morning, Jamie steals Billy from the detective, and he brings him to the mortician, Henry, who finally tells him about Mary Shaw. Shaw was a famous ventriloquist whose ambition was to make the perfect puppet. One night at a performance, a young boy named Michael Steven Taylor heckled her, claiming that he could see Mary's lips moving.

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Mary quickly rebuffed this by presenting herself and Billy talking at the same time, and impressed the entire audience. Michael went missing shortly after. While his body was never found, Shaw was blamed, and the Ashen clan murdered her by cutting her tongue out. Her final wish was to turn her body into a ventriloquist's puppet and to be buried with her puppets.

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Henry, at a very young age, wandered into his fathers mortuary and accidentally knocked the coffin over. Shaw's body came to life and she began approaching Henry. He survived because he covered his mouth to keep from screaming; Mary can only kill her victims when they scream.

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Henry's father then burst into the room, and discovered Henry cowering in the corner and Shaw's body on the floor. Jamie investigates the theater and finds Shaw's dressing room. He discovers an old book with plans to make the perfect puppet.

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Jamie confronts his father later in the night and learns that the missing boy was his great-uncle. His father tells him that the boy's family murdered Shaw by forcing her to scream and then cut out her tongue. The men involved were then killed off one by one, found with their tongues ripped out.

Their wives, children, and children's children all suffered the same fate. His father then tells him Shaw will come back for himself and Jamie as well. Lipton then arrives and tells Jamie that he exhumed Shaw's puppets' graves and that all of them are missing.

Jamie then receives a phone call from Henry, telling him to go to the theater, when in truth Henry had just been murdered by Mary Shaw in the crawl space underneath his home. With the detective following close behind, Jamie returns to the theater and Shaw's living quarters.

Discovering a hidden back room that Jamie didn't locate the first time, they find the body of Michael Ashen, murdered by Mary Shaw, strung up like a marionette , and of Shaw's puppets placed in cases on the wall. Suddenly, one of the dolls begins talking to them.

The doll, possessed by Shaw, tells them she wants to silence those who silenced her, and that she killed Lisa because she was pregnant. Shaw herself appears behind the doll but Lipton shoots the doll and she disappears. She then begins materializing via the other dolls.

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Talk about a conversation piece, pictures do not do this puppet justice. We also added a Youtube video link of her holding the puppets for your enjoyment. Judith Roberts was indeed a pleasure to work with and she even took the time to act out her character Mary Shaw for us all. The custom sculpted head as well as the dummy costume was put together by the best FX artist in Hollywood, no expense was spared.

The Puppet is approximately 43 inches in height with the head and hands made in full high quality resin. Please inquire about your favorite or custom interest.

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