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A qualitative content analysis of trust-relevant attributes of actors associated with the energy transition. An analysis of the innovative media accountability systems within the Spanish landscape. Chair: Professor R. Media Systems beyond the Western World. Wing Lam Chan Hong Kong Baptist University, China : Conflicts in the newsroom: a theoretical analysis of anticipatory socialization and journalistic creativity. Nadja Zaynel Germany : Parental influence on the media use of children with Down syndrome and the consequences for media education.

Aliaa I. Institute of Media and Communication : How much truth is in transfer rumours? A quantitative analysis of quality and reliability of football transfer coverage. Milton N. A critical analysis of international climate policy reports and the role of corporate media. Michael Suelflow, Pablo B. A Case Study of Israel.

Cale Bain University of Technology, Australia : News should be funny: How comedy news audiences beco- me effective citizens of a functioning democracy. Debra M. Stefania Antonioni University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy : Resisting with social subvertising: campaigning against corporations with social networks. Manuela Gruenangerl University Salzburg : Is there a global concept of community television around the world?

Values, ideals and principles and their manifes- tation in organizational arrangements. The Internet is central to contemporary media, but its governance is complex, dynamic, and dispersed across different arena. This interactive session will feature latest updates and analyses from scholars and activists at the frontlines of global Internet governance, with a particular focus on the different civil society, policy, and research agendas in play.

Tracing the History of Government Communication in Germany. The Syria-coverage in Aftenposten with Libya as Doha. Piotr M. Sirkku Kotilainen Finland : Towards multiliteracies through participatory research with the young.

"TAKO SIRIKO" - La Familia Burrón (1997).

Reijo Kupiainen Finland : Media education at homes. From digital natives to collaborative development of media competence. Kristen Wright USA : Mediation in the family room: how parents use core family values to make choices about television with American tweens. Moments of the U.

Michael S. In line with the goal of higher education to address cur- rent critical social issues, higher education is addres- sing climate change by embracing many sustainability efforts. All submissions are double or triple blind peer-reviewed. The first Call for Papers for the journal welcomes submissions which highlight past strengths and new directions for the study of alternative and community media and its various communication forms.

Go to www. Researchers will pay tribute to Serge, his intellectual journey and the contributions he and his collaborators have made to the field of communications and media studies. Admission to the event is free, but space is limited. You must confirm your attendance. Take a break from the city by enjoying a dinner-cruise on the St. Lawrence River, departing from the Old Port of Montreal. This unique boat-restaurant features panoramic glassed-in rooms, outside terraces, a highly professional crew and top quality food prepared on board.

The cruise is a unique opportunity during the conference to enjoy superb night-time views of the city on a delightful excursion on the St. Lawrence River. Siyuan Yin University of Massachusetts at Amherst : Third-sector media for marginalized and underrepresented groups in China. Caja C. Umi Khattab University of the Sunshine Coast : Media, diaspora and nation-building: Managing refugees and asylum seekers in the Australian region.

Multiple threading among humans and politics. The role of the press in the digital ecosystem and the deontological challenges. Comparative analysis between of three european countries: Spain, Belgium and Italy. The session will feature interventions and discussions from leading policy scholars and experts.

Athanassios N. Rosane Silva Borges Brazil : Image and imagination of Brazilian black women: crosses between communication and education. Arne H. Krumsvik Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway : Professional norms and strategies for user involvement in media production. Wei Shao University of Canterbury, New Zealand : Putting the management into news production studies: a meta-analysis.

Tracing Adaptability. Pradip Thomas, Both publications share a concern for advancing a critical and innovative research agenda for communication for social change. Jennifer Boland Carleton University, Canada : Responsibility and resistance: Narratives of self-abjection and family in 19th Century temperance drama and Intervention. Dr Pradeep N.

Dr Ahsan A. Ambiguous Power of Communication. With simultaneous interpretation Spanish-English , the panel will discuss perspectives in Latin American Communication Research into Communication, Hege- mony and Power. Delia Crovi ALAIC president will give a presentation on traditions and the possibilities of communication research in a region that has nearly million inhabitants. The panel also includes presentations selected from an open call. Also using legal impact analysis, Danilo Rothberg State University of Sao Paulo, Brazil understands the right to information as a tool to promote change in the last fifteen years in Latin American countries, pressing further for improvements in the way governments use to communicate with citizens.

The concluding presentation exemplifies the diversity on communication research in Latin America and will stimulate reflection on the limits and possibilities of methodological reaches. Dominique Pasquier Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France : Film critics: are amateurs challenging the professional norms?

Diana Coryat Universidad de las Americas, Ecuador : Extractive politics, media power, and new waves of re- sistance against oil drilling in the Ecuadorean Amazon: The case of Yasunidos. Students, community and solidarity against government violence. Nikita Kothari Jagran Lakecity University : To study the effectiveness of mobile communication as a tool for rural development in raisen district of madhya pradesh India.

Martha Fuentes-Bautista University of Massachusetts Amherst : "Media activist habitus" and local struggles for organizing media reform and justice movements in the United States. Seeking for the social responsibility of internet platform providers. From Broadcast to Broadband. Ann M. Popular Culture in the 20th Century. Sivani Pillay University of Cape Town, South Africa : Rumble in the concrete jungle: A reality check on the status of gender equality within the financial services sector in a democratic South Africa.

Michael Aondo-verr Kombol Benue State University Makuradi : An evaluation of counter hegemonic discourse during protests against the postponed february elections in Nigeria.

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Experiences in the field. A new avatar for development communication in its quest for social justice in social change. Finding your inner Phronesis. Apache chic, urban tribal, indian couture and cacique hi-tech: the politics of otherness in Brazilian fashion journalism. Philippe J. How and why. Isaac Nahon-Serfaty University of Ottawa : Towards a theory of grotesque transparency: visual communication and the economy of the affects. Current State of Photojournalism in Central Europe.

Lauk University of Jyvaskyla. Spanish Cases. A longitudinal study. Lilia Maria Velez Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla : Mexican civil society organizations in action: Public opinion making and impact in the parliamentary debate. Janey Gordon University of Bedfordshire : The tensions of funding for community radio stations. Sarah Anne Ganter University of Vienna : Conducting interviews with media and communication policy elites in cultural foreign contexts: from the own otherness to the data. Oliver Leistert University Paderborn : Un regulated affect: sensing moods and analyzing sentiments from pre-individual intensities as a new modulation of control.

A user analysis of a single sign on identity and management solution for the Belgian media sector. Which Information? Miki Kawabata Mejiro University : Japanese view of nature and the construction of meaning about the environmental issues. Christen Colorado State University : Heuristic-systematic processing: The effects of advertising environmental initiatives on ski resort visitation.

Sudeshna Roy Stephen F. Svetlana Pasti University of Tampere, Finland : More common than different: Examining journalists of new online media and old mainstream media in Russia. Musawenkosi W. Defne Bilir, Stephen D. How new media actors shape the news. Silvio Henrique V. Runaway Productions and Local Audiovisual Production. El caso de Mantarraya Producciones. Lucy J Watson University of Sydney, Australia : News values and celebrity news: exploring how hegemonic frameworks adapt to the celebrity scandal.

The Empire Strikes Back. Oscar Howard Gandy, jr. Nicosia is both an ancient city with unique problems and a modern city that shares problems and challenges with other cities around the world. Bullet holes and urban sprawl coexist in a strange context of memory and dreams. Nicosia is an urban landscape caught in the process of rapid change. This breath-taking multimedia performance will be hosted by a local DJ, and will begin at 8 pm.

A festive and lively evening awaits you in the heart of the Latin Quarter. The food trucks will give you a taste of local products and some traditional Montreal dishes and specialties. Please note that food and drinks will be at your expense. Sandra Smeltzer Western University : International service learning internships as communication activism. Sandra Jeppesen Lakehead University : Anti-capitalist feminist action co-research with media activists. Stefania Milan University of Amsterdam : On two fronts at once: Can activist scholars survive and thrive in contemporary academia?

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  4. Hui-Lan Chang National Chengchi University : Evol- ving with technology: An analytical framework for embodied experience in the digital era. Quantitative and qualitative analyses of the impact of corporate communication on media coverage. Danilo Rothberg Sao Paulo State University : Public communication and ecology: how digital politics is fostering environmental sustainability in Brazil. Sinikka Torkkola University of Tampere, Finland : Users of health-related Internet discussion boards: seeking support and information.

    Presentations: Shelton A. Katarina Koleva Concordia University, Canada : Images of death, violence and tragedy in Canadian journalism ethic codes. Andrew Duffy Nanyang Technological University, Singapore : Permission to change: journalism students and the evolving media ecosystem. Jorge A. Marleen te Walvaart University of Antwerp, Belgium : Discussing power dynamics of audience participation in television productions.


    Ajit S. Mariekie Burger University of Johannesburg, South Africa : Facebook postings of South Africans: sites of struggle, or sites of authentic self-expressions'. Behind the scenes of the Dutch reality programme, Uit de Kast. Measuring and comparing exposure diversity in national TV markets. Sarah T. Matthias Niedenfuehr University of Tuebingen, Germany : Blurred Borders - Merger of the regulatory institutions in China as a reaction to a convergence of media content. Paola Prado Roger Williams University : Communicators for Development five years later: Assessing community journalism training and the promise of digital inclusion in the Dominican Republic.

    Cristina Deroo University of Ottawa : Photovoice Narrative as a communication tool to empower adults with developmental dis abilities entering the Canadian workforce. Lorenzo Dalvit Rhodes University : Disability, innovation and dis empowerment: mobile phone use by visually impaired people in a small South African town. Ziqi Liang, Trisha T. Stefania Milan University of Amsterdam : Big data and the understanding of the political.

    Media reporting on pharmacological cognitive enhancement. Newspaper Agendas. Fabian Wedeln University of Passau, German : News Media Logics in Germany: Qualitative in-depth interviews with managing editors about agent-structure dynamics and action strategies in the German mass media system. Twitter as a tool for social empowerment. Steven Sam The University of Queensland, Australia : Mobile Phone: A new mantra for challenging dominant governance practices in post conflict context.

    A Comparative Analysis in 15 European Countries. Frederik Dhaenens UGhent, Belgium : How queer is pink film programming': An inquiry into the representational politics of an identity-based film program at Film Fest Gent. Sander De Ridder Ghent University, Belgium : Digital media and intimacy in youth cultures: Sexualities, desires and relationships as digital media practices.

    Chair : Eileen R. Benjamin J. Statues as contested materialisa- tions of hegemonic and counter-hegemonic discourses on the Cyprus Problem. A comparative approach to political communication and journalistic cultures. En torno a las elecciones presidenciales de The contemporary world map, tragically cracked by unprecedented terrorism and genocides, seems to be drawn again before our eyes from many paradoxes and ambiguities, also unprecedented.

    Leading these discus- sions is a communication-related series whose theories and usages never predicted, nor anticipated, such a central and decisive role in the deflagration of the societal, cultural, identical non-human , and their role in the human violence that accompanies or ensues from them, as we are seeing today.

    This promise, however, is dangerously fading with the increasing number of physical, moral, and cultural vio- lence that invades our daily lives. Create Your Own Event. Log in Sign up. Welcome to our online application! You can customize your schedule as you wish and follow your collegues during the IAMCR conference. Simple Expanded Grid By Venue. Saturday , July Saturday July 11, am - pm Salle des boiseries J Saturday July 11, am - pm J Sunday , July Sunday July 12, am - am Salle des boiseries J We look forward to meeting you all and sharing this special moment together. Social Activity.

    Monday , July Monday July 13, am - am DS-R Parallel Sessions. Monday July 13, am - am DS-M Monday July 13, am - am R-R Monday July 13, am - am DS Brilliant Mhlanga Communications School of Humanities, University of Hertfordshire : Community broadcasting as an emancipatory paradigm: A theoretical Caitlin Turner Carleton University : Capital restraints and affordances: A critical analysis of the spatialities of contention.

    Monday July 13, am - am A Monday July 13, am - am R-M Contradiction and consistency of strategic choices of news media organizations affecting journalism. So what? Investigation of the adequacy of media coverage of deceptive electronic word-ofmouth.


    Wireless and Broadband Internet in Europe. Charlie: Freedom of Speech, Resistance and Responsibility", a selection of three documentaries about cartoonists and their metier that will help to contextualize the debate about controversial cartoons: - Bloody Cartoons Denmark, Coffee Break. Monday July 13, am - am TBA. He serves Dominoes Quick Starter. Download Correspondencia Y Escritos.

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