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FYI his brother died two days ago WTF is this? My time is precious, so I won't waste them for this book I just read this awesome review and God have mercy on me! I think I saved myself from big trouble So British Fifty Shades of Grey then? View all 20 comments. Jan 24, Sophia Triad rated it it was ok Shelves: 2contemporary-lovestories.

It is a typical Cinderella story with a poor naive girl who cleans houses and her rich handsome boss who is kind of a royalty and he is also a irresponsible manslut but he changes his ways as soon as he meets her. BUT I have seriously difficulties and objections with the way the Albanians are portrayed in this book.

There are many Albanians in Greece. We are both Balkans after all and I know many business women and men here. I also have scientist friends who happen to come from Albania. All of them speak excellent english. I don't understand why this poor girl speaks poor english and she is not accustomed to a computer and internet or why she has no mobile. This is the first thing you get when you have a job! Maybe this could happen 30 years ago when Albania was in unstable economical situation which led to the Albanian diaspora and most people who fled the country had to become workers and house cleaners to survive.

But now this does not make sense. And then suddenly some stupid thugs presumably Albanians appear in the story who are too stupid to be true. I skimmed a few chapters and the whole description of this nation gets worse and worse. No sex before marriage? Not nice shops? This is actually insulting I don't know if I can continue reading this book. The Mister! Fast asleep facedown and sprawled naked across the large bed.

She stands, shocked and fascinated at once, her feet rooted to the wooden floor as she stares. His face is turned toward her but covered by unkempt brown hair. One arm is beneath the pillow that supports his head, the other extended toward her. He has broad, defined shoulders, and on his biceps is an elaborate tattoo that is partially hidden by the bedding. His back is sun-kissed with a tan that fades as his hips narrow to dimples and to a pale, taut backside. His long, muscular legs disappear beneath a knot of gray duvet and silver silk bedspread, though his foot sticks out over the edge of the mattress.

He stirs, the muscles in his back rippling, and his eyelids flicker open to reveal unfocused but brilliant green eyes.

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Their eyes meet, but he shifts and turns his face away. He settles down and goes back to sleep. View all 26 comments. Where do I start? People have to make up their own minds about things anyway. And even though I shouldn't care, I'm just so disappointed about all those really bad and mean reviews I've seen on here. I can totally understand a bad-ish rating or no rating if it's not your kind of book or if some things about it bothered you. But most of those 1-star reviewers just read the book so that they could c Well.

But most of those 1-star reviewers just read the book so that they could complain about it! Why read it then? You probably didn't love Fifty Shades either. You're probably jealous of Erika's success or you think she stole everything from those sparkly vampire books. Or just the opposite - you've only ever read Fifty and you love it so hard and you expected the exact same story in The Mister. But how is the book or the author to blame if the book wasn't at all what you were expecting??? Nobody said it was going to be the new Fifty or that it was a porn book or a thrilling thriller.

I could rant on forever about this! As I've said - people have to make up their own minds. Read the blurb and some good and bad reviews and decide if you want to read this book. It's not Fifty Shades. It's actually better in some ways. But of course it's not the exact same funny and erotic and dramatic and slightly immature love story that Ana and Christian gave us. Makes no sense. But it is a love story!

A Beautiful Cinderella-ish Love Story with some very heartbreaking and adorable and funny and sweet and erotic and interesting moments! Yup - there. I said it. I really did. It took me almost a week to read it. On purpose. I didn't want to rush it. I wanted to savour every single moment of this story. It's not every day that we get a book written by Erika! And I enjoyed it. Very much. But I can also see why some of the more mature not old reviewers say it didn't grab them or that it was too slow or uneventful.

It might appear that way to some people. Maybe to fast-readers especially. That's why you should really take your time with this book. Get some wine or a mug of hot chocolate and some snacks. I always get snacky while reading! Cuddle up somewhere comfy and let Alessia, Maxim and Erika pull you away from life and into this beautiful world Ok - before I start with my real review - should I be proud or offended that one of the bad guys got my last name???

Not sure. OK - here goes. But I just can't do it. I have to go into a bit more detail about what I loved and didn't love-love. First of all here's my rating - just so you know that this is not going towards the one-star pile - it will probably sound like it a few times during my review, but it's definitely a five-star book for me!!

I'll take this moment to advance-apologize to Erika for whatever I'm going to write next! Should we start with what I didn't like? To get it out of the way? And Fifty was not your very first book - you've read a lot of good and even erotic books before. And then you read Fifty and you loved it - so much. I had my problems with Fifty. With the writing most of all. It didn't feel like a real author wrote it. Ugh - please forgive me for saying this Erika! But the writing in the Fifty books was not amazing.

And it wasn't supposed to be. Erika wasn't an author. She didn't go to college to become an author. It was a hobby. I never expected to get some super-literature-thing when I read Fifty. I still loved the story. Even though some parts of it I could've done without - like the inner goddess and the bdsm. But back to the writing in Fifty. It was totally okay and readable, but some little things bothered me.

Like the fact that an English person wrote an 'American' book. That's a thing I always complain about - no idea why it bothers me so much, but it does. In Fifty you notice in almost every line or on every page, that the author is not American. It's an English author writing and English story. I still don't like the Britishness in some situations - like those situation where I just don't know what she's talking about! There must be another word that can be exchanged for that!?!? So much.

Another thing I didn't like about The Mister Almost every review I've seen mentions that they hate that. The POVs. The book is told in Maxim's first person POV. I love that. I heard other authors saying that they can't get into the minds of their male characters and that's why they do it in their books, but with this book it is the male character who we get the first person POV from.

Maybe Erika couldn't get into the mind of Alessia? Or she just wanted the two to sound differently. Who knows. I didn't love it, but I got used to it while reading. But I know that many many readers will really hate that. Next thing I didn't love. The book is pretty long. Which I love, but you get the feeling that it's blubbering along and nothing much exciting is happening and then we get a bit more action towards the end and that's it.

I loved the blubbering. Every single scene that happened to our two darlings was beautiful to me, but I can understand why people will say that the story wasn't really happening for them. That there was no story. And that's a bit sad. Maybe something could've been added here and there to make it more interesting for some readers, but pfff - who cares. I loved it. Another little thing. Some readers might run away in the beginning because Maxim comes across as a bit of a slut. He has a new girl in his bed every night.

And it could've mayyybe be done a bit differently - maybe just mention it in some way, instead of showing us all the sexy moments with NOT the heroine! Now I will write a bit about the end - I will put it into a spoiler thingy - so please don't read it if you haven't read the book. Or maybe - if you're too scared to read the book because you fear it's going to Cliffhanger you - you're allowed to read the spoiler thingy too: view spoiler [The end.

What can I say. It's all exciting and Albania and parents and betrothed and kidnapping and whatnot and then we get the happy end-ish moment and then it's over.

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Couldn't Erika have said that it would be a duet? Or even a trilogy? I know she mentioned a few times that it might end up being more than one book, but I would've loved it more if it would say so in the book and on goodreads. And I know that publishers don't like to do that because they'll lose trillions of dollars because people won't buy book 1 until book 2 is out. But still - I would've preferred going into this story knowing that there will be more! It could've said in the blurb that there won't be a cliffy or at least not a bad one.

Whoops, I forgot about all of you who were wondering about a cliffy. As I just said there is no cliffy really. There's no bomb that explodes and we're left to wonder who survived. It's just that we don't get an epilogue and the last moments and lines definitely leave room for another book!!

Lots of story left to be told! I want so much more. More of the sister, the mother, Maxim's new 'job', Alessia's music and hopefully a career, travels, wedding, children. What did I love about The Mister? Pretty much everything. Isn't it pretty?!?! Erika made that herself! Perfect picture and perfect colors. I love it. And the title. It sounds weird at first, but when we get to know Maxim and Alessia and we 'hear' Alessia say that word - it is beyond adorable!! I can't wait to hear her say it in the movie! Then we have our darling's stories. Maxim, the rich boy who used to be happy living his carefree playboy life.

But he's not really that guy anymore since his brother died. He needs to grow up now. And Alessia comes along at the exact right moment. The super-talented girl from Albania who left her scary life with the hope of a future full of exciting and happy things. But of course it didn't happen that way. But now that second chance is possible with the Mister It's so adorable to see them get to know each other and fall for each other. I loved watching them fight for their happy end.

And it's not an easy journey for our two darlings. But they still give us a lot of fun and adorable and erotic moments to swoon over! I loved how he watches her play the piano. I loved how they smile and beam at each other, when they haven't had much to smile about for a long while. I loved how she takes his hand when they walk through town. I loved every little thing about their love story. And even though I said that there's not much happening in this story, that's really not true. But there's still so much happening and if you let yourself - you will fall in love with that story too.

Then we have the typical Erika music moments. There's a lot of music in this book. Classical and modern - and I don't like one piece of it. But I don't have to like the songs. I still love that there's music in this book. So much music and food and drinks and cars and places and history and language and real-world problems like human trafficking and death and family expectations I was just wondering about something There are so many Albanian words and lines in this book! How do they do it??? I probably didn't even make any sense! The only thing I really wanted to say was View all 11 comments.

I mean it's on the other end of the spectrum! I can see why many readers were disappointed, this story was nothing like what I expected. In saying that I didn't hate it nor did I love it, it was just okay. A very slow, sweet love story. I didn't find Maxim to be an alpha at all! He lacked the powerful, conceited and dominant personality we get from most alphas.

The only power Maxim has is his social status and money. He reminded me of a lost man that was not sure what he was going to do with his life, not an alpha who had all his shit under control. It's hard for Maxim living in the shadow of his older brother, he knows he is the definition of a spoilt child and has acted the part well.

See a Problem?

Now after his brothers sudden death Maxim is the 'heir' and takes on the title of Lord and the responsibilities that come with it he has to change his ways. I found Alessia's story the most interesting part of this book. A virgin trying to escape an arranged marriage to a violent man only to be sold to human traffickers! Far fetched? Just a little but still the only thing this book has going for it. Alessia and Maxim were super cute and sweet together and I liked how they had a connection through music.

Again it was just okay. View all 32 comments. Great start. But getting the details of his conquests was annoying. A tinder woman, a woman he met at the club He got access to a healthy trust fund since he turned Deep down he knows he is useless. When she cleans his room, she sees the used condoms in the wastebasket and wonders how one man can use so many condoms. But she likes this job as she gets to play his piano secretly. So when both of them sees each other for the first time they are curious and oddly attracted to each other.

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His wastebasket condoms suddenly becomes zero. Because he wants her. She is running from her past and when it catches her, the H is their to help her. And in the process they both fall in love. She is his friend as well. Since childhood. But she chose his brother over him. She is behaving quite clingy with him now. The typical ow. There was nothing intriguing or exciting about this. View all 27 comments. Jan 25, Nitya rated it did not like it.

Burn it tbh. View all 12 comments. ETA: Turns out it's yet another rip-off. Thanks Moony! Not something I normally do but Not one beta reader? Not one editor? No one thought this was not only a bad call but simply insensitive? Was there a sensitivity reader at all? Sloppy and irresponsible publishing is sloppy and irresponsible.

Can you tell me more about your research there and why you decided to make your heroine a victim of this? And it sheds a little light on this appalling state that many young women find themselves in, especially from eastern Europe. By having her under the thumb of a rich, misogynistic womanizer who only wants to fuck her after having been taken from her home and fresh from an abusive relationship?

Maybe I am making a mountain out of molehill here but sex trafficking is a credible global atrocity and not something to be blithely thrown into a narrative particularly when the aftermath is going to be treated so dismissively. Or in more articulate words from Guardian journalist, Sian Cain: But that a book like The Mister will still end up on the bestseller chart next week begets so many questions. Just how underserved are the women who enjoy culture like this, if this is the best we can do? Is this real life? Is it just fantasy? Apr 17, Kelly and the Book Boar added it Shelves: nope , fool-me-once , neverevereverever.

Second verse same as the first but a little bit louder and a whole lot worse! Everybody sing. View all 16 comments. Apr 15, Debra Anastasia rated it it was amazing. EL James grabs you by the throat and heart with equal expertise. This refreshing, gorgeous book will captivate you. Highly recommended. Maxim is dreamy and layered.

Alessia is fantastic. Ride the roller coaster of The Mister. Drink wine too. Book provided to me by the author because she is kind and puts up with my weirdness. View all 14 comments. Brenda Wallace Am I reading the same book??? Tracy Are you sure you read this book? Jun 30, PM. Pre-read: So remember that time a long while ago when I said that if E. James wrote a novel that wasn't "Fifty Shades of Grey" related, I would read it? Something tells me I'm going to regret this, but you know what? Let's go. After reading: I think I'm stuck in my reaction between cringing and laughing.

Believe the critique - this was just an all around bad experience - bad writing including bad sex scenes, yikes , bad pacing with characters that had little to no development, excessive violenc Pre-read: So remember that time a long while ago when I said that if E. I could go on for a while. I guess I can cross off my bucket list that I read an E. James novel, but I don't see myself picking up anything else from her at all from this experience.

Full review to come soon. View all 6 comments. Apr 17, Diana added it Shelves: audiobook , turning-pages-buddy-read , dnf. Sorry, I am tapping out!! View all 24 comments. So James didn't learn that inner monologues don't need different personalities? And that rich domineering assholes are a no-no? Also white dude named after probably the most evil dude in Irish history becoming obsessive over an immigrant and is gonna be her saviour? View all 10 comments. After all, this is not Fifty Shades, one of our most beloved book series, this is something brand spanking new, minus the spanking.

And after finishing The Mister this rings completely true in a positive way as it showcased that EL James is not just synonymous with Fifty Shades, she is more than that, she can write any type of romance, though her formula of the classic fairy-tales is once again present. Where Fifty Shades was wonderfully dark, captivatingly erotic and its own brand of Beauty and the Beast; The Mister is more of a slow burn and an almost tender and vulnerable romance with a Cinderella feel to it.

So, other than the synopsis we go in completely blind. So to be honest with you we actually had no idea what to expect. The prologue had us hooked, it was sombre and haunting and started the story off with a kick to the emotional gut. We loved that. We could immediately tell that EL James has honed her craft as her writing was flawless and whilst we absolutely recognised the Author and her words it felt new and exciting.

What better way to showcase your writing than to do a one-eighty. One of the aspects we loved about The Mister is the underlying message of humanity, societal and economic issues as well as the depravity and inequality evident in our world today. As she watches him — his brow furrowed, head tilted, lips parted — he takes her breath away. By him.

By the music. The piece is sad, full of longing and grief…. We fell in love with Maxim and Alessia and their wonderful romance, which grew out of both tragic and haunting circumstances. Innocence versus experience. Have versus have not. Status of nobility versus the status of an immigrant. Their paths cross when each one of them needs the other the most. It was beautiful to watch through the vivid writing and the tone set so aptly by the atmospherically placed musical undertone.

The connection ran deep for us and we championed both Maxim and Alessia all the way. Each shaped by their own past and their current place in the world. Maxim had a boyish, cheeky quality and a wicked sense of humour. A bit of a bad boy who is in some way lost and desperate for a loving touch. He almost craves it. We fell in complete love with him. Alessia is just adorable, so incredibly sweet with an endearing innocence and timidness. Yet when the occasion calls for it Alessia gets feisty.

They were just so perfectly suited and their romance shone like a bright beacon at sea. They cover her backside and come up to her waist. A romantic escape touched by an ugly reality with an emphasis on the human touch. View all 9 comments. Apr 16, Ceilidh rated it did not like it. You all knew it was going to be bad, come on. View all 3 comments. Apr 24, Melanie A. Give me all the side-eye you want but.

LOL, I know what you're thinking. Nick Hammer is a famous cartoonist, whose hilariously sexy comic about the adventures of Mister Orgasm has landed him a cable show. He's handsome, successful She operates at this constant state of verbal banter that's flirting, but not quite flirting. The net effect? I'm a cat, and she's working the laser pointer Can a heroine be more perfect in all her award glory? Absolutely not! I loved Harper. Here's a chick that can wield sarcasm better than her magic wand did I mention she's a magician? How cool is that? Who better than to teach her the way of the wooing and dating that Mister Orgasm himself?

I have to admit that I haven't read many books with the male harboring unrequited lust, and that was such a refreshing change of pace. While Nick can barely walk straight because he wants Harper so bad, she's seemingly oblivious to him. But as their lessons progress, the chemistry between them gets stronger and stronger. I loved that the author was able to pull it off. It's no easy feat to pull off building chemistry like that without making it seem like it came out of the blue for Harper.

She truly makes you feel it. It was so entertaining because you see it coming way before the characters themselves do and it was utter perfection. My throat goes dry. My bones heat up. This girl and her innuendoes will kill the last remaining non-sex focused brain cells. I loved him from the top of his head to the hot nerd glasses to the sexy man beard and his delicious tattoos.

The steam is a slow build, which really worked for the story here. It makes sure you're just as invested in that HEA as the characters. I can't keep rappelling down the cliff face of this untamed desire for her. I've got to reel it back in, stuff it into a trunk, lock it up, and then toss the motherfucker to the bottom of the ocean. I felt for Nick. He wants Harper but she's entirely hands off for him and not just because she's his best friend's sister but because he's terrified of losing her friendship as well. Harper gets tongue tied around any man she likes, and the fact that she can use it just fine to throw sexual innuendos his way tells him that she doesn't think of him that way Whatever this kiss is, it possesses its own pulse, its own frequency, as if the air around us is charged and vibrating with sensual energy.

Mister O was a hilarious and deliciously sexy romp from beginning to finish. The characters are perfectly imperfect. The story is addictingly good. It kept me smiling from cover to epilogue. It really doesn't get much better than this with a rom com! I can't recommend it enough to any reader that enjoys a good laugh with their steam, because the combination of it here?

I want Harper to want me this same wild and crazy way, like she can't get enough of me. Because, hell, it's become that way for me. It just has. ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review Find me on Dec 04, Pearl Angeli rated it it was ok Shelves: reads , biggest-dissapointment , hot-male-characters , new-adult-contemporary , smexy-read , friends-to-lovers , i-laughed-hard , published-in , friends-with-benefits.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the one. Too much sexual frustrations and innuendos, not enough romantic development. I was so excited to find out that Nick Hammer is the leading man here. He was introduced in Big Rock which was my first Lauren Blakely read and which was also the book that I liked. I thought Nick was such an interesting guy. He's basically sex on legs. He's a cartoonist who's well-known for his sexy comi 2 Stars This was supposed to be the book that would get me out of my reading slump.

He's a cartoonist who's well-known for his sexy comic The Adventures of Mister Orgasm. I loved that this book was told in his POV because his thoughts are entertaining and Who can say no? A true explorer venturing forth, fearless and ready at any moment to map the terrain of her pleasure until she cries out in rapture. Not to mention the lack of plotline.

At first, it was fun and entertaining but later on I found myself getting bored because of the repetitive flirtations that seemed to lead both the characters to nowhere. There was a potential conflict, of course. Knowing that Nick was secretly lusting over his best friend's sister seemed to really create a good clash but then it was resolved easily so There was a little bit of chemistry between Harper and Nick but it wasn't that powerful to make me swoon.

Perhaps there just wasn't anything new here. Sure there were steamy scenes and some romantic development in the near-end but the overdone sexual frustration took most of the time before they figured out that they're actually in love with each other and they're not just horny. Apr 02, Sabrina rated it really liked it Shelves: brothers-best-friend. Whenever a guy she likes is around she becomes a fumbling mess that can't even speak without saying anything hugely inappropriate.

In swoops Mister Orgasm, aka Nick Hammer, to save the day. When he see's a woman in need he's there to help with his superpower of multiple orgasms. But this may be the hardest mission of his life because this isn't just anot The Adventures of Mister Orgasm and Princess Awkward Princess Awkward, aka Harper Holiday, is in desperate need of help with the opposite sex. But this may be the hardest mission of his life because this isn't just another woman, it's his best friends sister who he's had feelings for for quite some time.

Can Mister Orgasm save the day this time, or will it be his first failed mission? This book was fantastic and had me enraptured from the prologue. I really liked getting so much of Nick's feelings in these uncharted waters of liking a girl who didn't like him back. Not something that happens often to a good looking, tattooed artists with the nickname of Mister Orgasm.

And did I mention how hot he was. Cause lawd he was delicious and the things he could do with his tongue will melt your panties. I really liked how Nick wasn't shy about his past conquests, but he also wasn't a complete manwhore either. Sure, he loved giving women pleasure and made no apologies for that, but he didn't go around jumping in bed with every woman that looked his way.

I thought it made his character a lot deeper and gave his personality that something extra that took him from being a typical Romance Hero and made him an extraordinaire one. Nick and Harper together were hilarious and I loved the back and forth banter between them.

They were just so out there and funny with the random ridiculous subjects they would talk about as if it was an everyday conversation that most people had. There were many times that I was hiding my face and trying not to burst out laughing in public while reading. Spoiler alert: It didn't work, I just looked like a weirdo. My only complaint is that I really would have like Harper's POV at least once or twice throughout the book. There was a point in the story where it seemed her character changed a little bit and I think I would have understood why a lot more if we had gotten her thoughts around that time or maybe at the end.

Overall, Mister O was a comical, yet sexy story that I would highly recommend. If you like Rom-Coms and a sexy, tattooed Hero that isn't selfish at all in bed, than this book is the one for you. Next up is Nick's brother Wyatt in Well Hung , and I can already tell you that the book is going to be great.

View all 33 comments. Jun 13, Jilly rated it liked it Shelves: romance , buddy-read-with-ab-loving-geishas , contemporary-fiction. I don't know how they walk around with those things. They seem to take over their lives. In this book, much like the last one, our narrator is a guy who seems to think about sex every second of every day. Is this really representative of the adult male population?

Cuz, I don't know how they could possibly get anything done if this were the case. Also, I think it just shows that we women should be running things. Men are too penis-centric. Except Men. Except it's missing the part of their brains obsessed with weather and routes to going places. What's up with that? So, our "hero" is Nick, who is dedicated to the female orgasm. Go Nick! I think Nick should make some public service commercials about this.

Nick is supposedly an expert at reading the female body language to make sure she is "happy". But, to be honest, Nick kind of sucks at reading the very obvious clues that his crush is putting out to say it is mutual. He angsts throughout most of the book about what she means when she says this or that, and does she like him.

Like, like him like him? He finally goes to his friend's wife to tell her everything that has been going on with him and his chick because he has no idea what it means when she tells him how great he is, touches him excessively, sexts with him, brings him little gifts, and has sex with him. It's just so damn confusing! So, can you tell us what this all means? We are not that hard to figure out. Maybe if you would stop thinking about your penises for a minute and spend a little time thinking things out, and less time naming your penises, you could probably come up with some of the obvious signs we are always throwing out there.

I wonder what this sign is trying to tell me.. Overall, this book was fun and romantic, but nothing earth-shattering. It had some cute moments. On the other hand, I had an earth-shatteringly good time reading this with all of the ladies who joined in on this buddy read. You girls rock! View all 36 comments. O' my Lauren Blakely knows exactly how to deliver a sexy, hotter-than-the-sun romance with a title like Mister O! Humor, sexual innuendos, dirty sexting and more O's than than you can possibly know what to do with You'll know what I mean once you read this lust-inducing, O-mazing book!

Nick Hammer Smart, successful, gorgeous His mission in life is to not only make his dirty animated TV show the best, but to give women the greatest and most sublime O's they've ever had in their lives. Come on Throw in his wickedly naughty sense of humor, Nick makes other men look tame! Harper Holiday.

To describe her in one word, it would be genuine. She's intelligent, witty, and charming. But the more you get to know her, the more you find out about a whole new side to her that only Nick has the ability to uncover. Nick and Harper compliment each other like no other characters I've read before. They feed off the others qualities and truly made their relationship very authentic. Many friends-to-lovers romances can focus on the story to help build the relationship between the main characters. But Mister O does the complete opposite, which is utterly brilliant! Nick and Harper's feelings and emotions for each other is what drove the story and made it such a success.

Told entirely from Nick's POV, I found myself invested in his feelings and the issues he faced when it came to Harper. Miscommunication was not the real issue between these two. It was more along the lines of not expressing their true, deep in their hearts, feelings for each other. Misunderstanding and the fear of a broken heart can keep anyone from taking such a giant leap. I would even go as far as to say more than Big Rock, and that is an amazing book. The chemistry, comedic dialogue, passion and vulnerability displayed by these characters is outstanding!

And YES! This book has it all! I cannot wait for the next book, as I'm sure Wyatt will not disappoint! View all 14 comments. Apr 27, 1-Click Addict Support Group rated it it was amazing. I can't even stand how happy my heart is right now. That's a weird thing to say, right? But it's so full! And all that fullness just erupted in a fit of unexpected tears because this book just took a swing at all my favorite feels and completely knocked my socks off.

He did not disappoint. He's sharp and witty, confident and unfiltered, and just nerdy enough to make me sit up and take notice. And glas I can't even stand how happy my heart is right now.

How Prostate Cancer Made a Man of Me or…Does Mister Rogers Have a Penis?

And glasses. Stick a fork in me y'all. However, all these things don't paint a vivid enough picture of Nick Hammer because he's also super tender, smart, and unexpectedly sensitive in a way that completely stole my heart after making it ache and flutter over the course of this book. Harper Holiday is his perfect match. Quirky and awkward and completely adorable—she's like this perfect blend of straightforward minx and bumbling goof. When she asks Nick to teach her how to win a man, she puts them on a path that is scorching hot and sensual.

There's a very subtle forbidden element to this story, but the bigger attraction is how their friendship deepens into something so much richer, filling my heart drop by delicious drop until the very end when it set off that explosion of emotion. Harper and Nick are so much fun together—and a complete joy to read. This book or these books, really presents itself as a bit of a fluffy read, so I was a little surprised when I had such an emotional reaction to it.

Here's the thing: It has so much heart. It is a sexy and fun read, but Harper and Nick are the real deal and there's no way to read that ending and not feel like you just read something special.

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The little glimpses of Spencer and Charlotte felt warm and rewarding, and the whole damn package just left me with the biggest smile on my face and this full to bursting happy heart. And now? I mean, really It's ridiculous but totally warranted. Brother's best friend is one of my favorite romance sub-genres, and when you bring it together with Lauren Blakely—and her signature banter—it's a recipe for success.

And a kind of giddy happiness of the whole body that feels like Mister O lived up to his name. A cartoonist so nerdy cool , purveyor of female pleasure with a predilection for crosswords and showers. Oh, and a total dirty-talking panty-melter. Then there's Harper. She's a little awkward and a lot charming, and so much FUN. I loved her—she was witty and creative and sassy. All intense chemistry, with this kind of slow burn friends-to-lovers another sub-genre I love, FYI romance that wasn't just sexy. Or funny. Or flirty. Or heart-smooshy. It was ALL of those things. Which, for a book called Mister O , is exactly as it should be.

You sure know how to keep a girl coming back for more. Blakely seems to be able to make any profession hot! A sexy comic strip creator and a naughty magician—and the two were perfectly quirky! Unrequited lust sucks balls. However, she needs help with men. Harper then decides that dating is not enough and that Nick needs to teach her how to seduce and please a man.

Not one to turn down a woman, especially one he has been lusting after; the two enter into a scorching hot relationship. Even their fantasies had my kindle on fire! Oh, and the dirty talk—top notch! Seriously, I loved everything about this book. It was hot as hell, funny, sweet, and fun; a perfect read. I adored seeing Spencer and Charlotte, as well as Clay and Julia. View all 8 comments. May 03, Sh3lly GrumpyBookGrrrl.

Sixty pages longer than Big Rock and felt like double that. Everybody that read this with me already wrote an awesome review, so here's my crappy one. Nick was fantastic, though, don't get me wrong. I will definitely still be reading Well Hung. Who else wants in on this? This is a stand-alone, but follows characters introduced in Big Rock. My review on that is here. I am psyched! View all 52 comments. How many books have you read where the hero has a successful animated dirty superhero show?

I'm going to guess none. Just like me. Nick is a sexy former nerd with glasses, he's tatted, scruffy, and oh-so-charming. He has a little bit of an arrogant and conceited side, but he was so down to earth at the same time you can't help but get a cheesy grin all over your face when you get inside his filthy mind. Especially since that mind is directed toward his best friend's sister-the sexy redhead who stars in all of his burning, forbidden fantasies. He's secretly had a crush on Harper ever since they played a prank on Spencer and pretended to kiss.

Turns out, that was the trigger that flipped his switch from platonic to spank the naughty librarian. Once it was turned on, there was no going back. To his eternal frustration, he can't seem to stop fantasizing about doing a multitude of very non-friend like things to Harper. Her neck is long and elegant, and I've got this feeling her skin tastes spectacular there, and everywhere.

I wonder if she'd enjoy soft, lingering kisses along her neck, across the column of her throat, up to her ear. Whether she'd moan, and sigh, and lean into me, her body asking for more. I loved it. I loved seeing him try to resist what he was feeling, his thoughts were hilarious, the humor on-point. I couldn't get enough. I'm a cat, and she's working the laser pointer. Nick has resigned himself to his secret lust being unfulfilled.

Harper seems to be completely indifferent to him as a man, and he's not about to cross that line anyway. Until he discovers Harper's embarrassing secret: She's completely rattled and awkward around men. Being a professional illusionist for children's parties doesn't leave her much adult socializing time.

So they make a deal: She hangs with him at functions to to ward off the unwanted female attention he gets. He gives her lessons on how to lose her awkward. She was just the sweetest heroine, and as naive as she was about men, she had Nick wrapped around her little finger. Her flirty but innocent comments soon started a round of sexy texting that had my internal temperature rising. They were flirting with danger, playing a provocative game that could only end in disaster. When Harper's brother and his new wife leave to go on their Honeymoon all bets are off.

While Spencer is away, Harper and Nick play. Harper and Nick agree on a short fling, but things quickly start getting more complicated than they had anticipated. Though there was a small conflict towards the end, the book was relatively drama free and that was something that I appreciated. It was all about the two of them exploring their deeper feelings and finding the courage to reach for their true desires. Another thing I enjoyed abut Mister O was the fact that Nick may have been experienced with women, but he was no typical one-night stand manwhore.

He likes to call himself a "serial monogomist". In other words, he's more of a short relationship type of guy with lots of women. He's all about learning how to please a woman, and please her multiple times I might add. He's not about using women as sex objects for one night and throwing them away like disposable trash. I'm at the point where I think I need a break from the overdone bad boy manwhore.

I think I'm burnt out on them, and it was refreshing to not have to read another one. This hero is respectful, affectionate, and generous. I guarantee, there's plenty for you to fall in love with in Nick Hammer. This is one of those books that fulfilled everything it promised. I was expecting a witty rom-com with an abundance of delightful sexy times.

And that's exactly what I got. I was laughing and fanning myself from one minute to the next. Mister O has a unique set of characters that were really noteworthy. They were original, endearing, and more than a little seductive. Nick's brother Wyatt is getting his own book next and I'm really looking forward to seeing him meet his match.

I highly recommend this one if you like male POV books, this one was done exceptionally well and I thoroughly enjoyed it. View all 38 comments. She promised us a book titled Mister O with a hint at this character and story in her hugely successful tale Big Rock. In that book, Ms. Blakely took us on a journey using the male POV and it worked for me big time. In this next book, which is a stand-alone but does have crossover characters, she 4. In this next book, which is a stand-alone but does have crossover characters, she does the same thing. What she also does is insert all types of nods to readers, sexy innuendos and wonderfully fun times.

All of those things are expected But as with her other books, she loves to turn things on end How in the hell do we figure out each sex's code What do they mean when they say things Do the words really represent what they are saying or is there some hidden meaning to them Figuring out the opposite sex is an age-old problem The world has changed All of these advances allow the way we interact to have a buffer It makes reaching out and being open to say what we would never say outright easier for some Lauren Blakely uses this idea perfectly in Mister O.

Cool, Hot Charming and Oh, So Sexy The Geeky guys; computer nerds, graphic comic artists, cartoonists But oh, how times have changed For that loner, the one who always had his head down drawing cartoon panels has turned into the most amazingly hot sexy man. And all of the fantasies he drew and thought about are now happening in his series Mister O Nick Hammer is living the dream. His original cartoon strip has become this animated series Mister Orgasm with a dedicated following; Adults, male and female, watch it as guilty pleasures on late night cable. Teenage boys cling to the ideals and purpose of it like the holy grail His series has provided him with a life of ease with working out, enjoying time with his friends and family, handling his idiot boss and doing what he loves, drawing.

It has also allowed him to use freely and happily his own superpower nonstop Yes, we are talking about a man who will do whatever necessary to make you have that babbling, speaking in tongues, pulling hair and losing your mind O's Yup, that is our guy. And we are in his head All the Time He is this man-child who has grown into a person of insight of others. He was a late bloomer sexually in actual practice, having an older girl instruct him in what she liked He paid attention, was an adept student, applying all of his experience to an oath So our story is rather simple They have been buds forever and with this relationship comes, you guessed it Harper, Spencer's little sister.

Now keeping with the best friend code But since they all have grown up and recently spent more and more time together, Nate has had a problem which keeps reoccurring Harper has been infiltrating his fantasies, his characters, his mind at every turn. It has gotten worse since when they played a joke on Spencer and his lady love, Charlotte, at the last softball game. While it was all fun and games, in that moment of touching her back, stroking her hair Harper is a lovely thing to think about Red hair, green eyes and kissable lips She is also just as dedicated to what she loves as much as Nick.

She is a magician, for real. She fell for it at a very young age and became proficient early. She now does kids parties and business events. With the support of her parents setting her up with an apartment in the city, she is able to do what she loves. She is fun, smart and very cool. She is also someone who has no real dating skills Doing magic is also like being an artist It takes practice Doing this alone Also working as a magician has other drawbacks The way of this art is to hold them dear Harper and Nick start to interact more She has no game; no ability to understand flirting or even to make her mouth move.

As she returns to Nick and their conversation completely embarrassed, she confides that this happens all the time when she is around men she likes. This opens the door to another conversation with them and the next thing Nick knows, he has been signed up to give her dating instructions so she will be able to handle this guy she likes. Normally this wouldn't be a problem for Nick He is having a battle of wills with his mind and dick He is constantly in a state of arousal using different icky visions to take hold of the situation- she is his best friend's sister So he will fight it during this tutoring time.

Well, what happens next is no surprise We experience all the concerns and questions which float through Nick's head about what is it Harper is saying to him It is very easy to get caught up in all the sexy goodness of this read The texting, the tutoring which becomes much much more Yes, there is more to this story than what I have told you Be ready for extreme maleness and fun Watch for a nod or two for the reading public But had many, many, wonderful moments Will be doing the review and leaning to 4. Touched all the "Good Girl Bases" and is getting her reward Mister O Ooooh, I knew it from the first moment I read their inter-action in Big Rock People, this is going to be sooooo good Soooooo dirty and sexy That's ok No, Really I'll just practice all my delayed gratification Because I know the payoff will be outstanding Probably Guaranteed or your money back, hahahahahaha After all, it is call Mister Org sm!

View all 41 comments. And sorrynotsorry for being from the future and finishing this one way before everyone else! So, yes this has that high probability of being really bad Yeah, probably not. Sometimes I make bad choices Those of you who have been paying attention know that there is a LONG ASS list of qualities that will do me in when it comes to the male of the species. My absolute favourite, is the sexy nerd. I love me a guy in glasses. Yeah, that there does it for me, in a major way! And he is an unconventional nerd.

How is he nerdy? He is nerdy about the female orgasm, about studying the way his partner responds to given stimuli and using that knowledge to rock her fucking world. He is aware of her, in a huge way. In fact, when he first agrees to help her he does so because he believes that not knowing how to interact with men will hinder her in life.

Despite the fact that he believes that she is attracted to another man and that he will never be able to have this woman he is desperately attracted to — on every fucking level, from. That is the definition of swoonworthy, for me. I press my lips to hers, and the temperature in me soars.

I kiss her soft and tender as I touch her face, my fingers exploring her. The side of her where she lets me in, where she lets go. And sure, the pair of them or at very least Nick are oblivious as hell. But in the words of one of my favourite TV characters of all time: This story is incredibly light on drama, well-written and dangerously sweet! Nick is one of the sexiest love interests that I have ever read.

I enjoyed this novel immensely! I will definitely be checking out other books by Blakely in the future. View all 87 comments. I don't know why I haven't read a book by this author before! Her writing is so good and I finished this book with a smile on my face! I need to read more books by her! It was such an entertaining story, you will definitely enjoy it as much as I did especially if you are a fan of friend to lovers romance! But he wants her and it's killing know that he can't be with her. But when she needs his help to learn how to date men things change between them.

Nick and Harper had such an amazing chemistry! They were funny and playful but also so hot! One of the best parts in this story was Nick Hammer's thoughts! I love this man, he is smart, funny, super sexy and he knows what women want! Harper was also an amazing heroine! ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review View all 34 comments. May 05, Maria I think I liked it better than "Big Rock"! The only thing I didn't like was the fact that I had a lot of things going on the last couple of days that I didn't finish it in one sit, and just had to put it aside all the time All of you.

Ok Nick Hammer and Harper Holiday were a hell of a couple! They were SO right for each other and SO in sync with everything that was Nick and Harper individual, it just blow my mind You're my girl! What do you say? It was funny, sexy, steamy, dirty with a lot of positions and make overs that Harper made them true because they came from Nick's fantasy world! Yes, Harper, you can totally ride me, and I will give you ten thousand orgasms before I even have one.

How's that for an answer? I want to spread your legs, and make you come on my lips, and all over my face. He was so funny and hot with his dirty little jokes and cartoons drawings. You can just enjoy him, he had the whole package smart, funny, sweet, caring, possessive, the perfect man I may say Lucky Harper!!! Out of nowhere, a possessive curls through me, and I want to be the only one to know this part of her. I want her pleasure to belong to me, and only me. Harper was also a great heroine. She was a magician so she had a thing with tricks and making people happy.

She was inexperienced with men so Nick came to save the day She was the perfect match for Nick and when they were together everything clicked in their right places! I want Harper to want me this same wild and crazy, like she can't get enough of me. Also can I just say that I loved the fact that no unnecessary drama was required! Can't wait for Nick's brother book "Well Hung"! Feb 10, Aileene rated it liked it Shelves: casserole-dicks , buddy-read , geisha-buddy-read , reviewed-rated , gimme-gimme , my-protein-bars.

Lauren Blakely knows how to choose titles for her books. Lauren Blakely reels readers in by the title of her books. Lauren Blakely titled this book Mister Orgasm. So, therefore, Aileene, amongst thousands of readers read this book about Oreogasms. After reading the synopsis, I was led to believe that Nick was an escort or some sort of Orgasm adviser.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that he was view spoiler [ a remarkable cartoonist who writes The Adventures of Mister Orgasm comic book that turned into a tv series. So, just to stress the obvious here, this book is his story with Harper Holiday. From platonic friendship to spanking naughty librarian friends to lovers.

And was told solely from his perspective. And boy did I enjoy reading what's in his filthy head. Before going into it further, can I just point out his name? Can I also draw everyone's attention to the title of the book? Hammer and Orgasm. And Aileene? I hear you ask why? Because when use for pounding , it delivers tremors. On to the Oreo fun filled review. The Twist. Nick Hammer. This nerdy dude made me hot and bothered. Give me this moment to describe him even further and to justify why I was firing on all cylinders. Head - sporting man beard and glasses.

Body - rocking with muscles and ink. Hands - very talented. But you see, not everything goes his way because he was lusting hard after his best friend's little sister, Harper. She's a no-go-zone. A hands-off can't-claim-her-kinda-thing. And Nick is a very good example of this coz he non-stop fantasizing about doing a mass of very non-friend like things to Harper. Little did he know though that our wicked pretty leading lady was crushing on him since day one.

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The Lick. Harper, our cool magician heroine is sassy, the sweetest and flawlessly clever girl but gets overly shy and tongue tied around any opposite gender she fancies. So what did she do? She enlisted Nick's help to cure her shyness, after all, he is D Mister Orgasm.

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They have started by exchanging innocent txts that soon converted into a round of sexy texting that had my body temperature soaring dangerously high.