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Old Farmer's Almanac Forecast: How Accurate Is the Winter Forecast? | Time

Much, much better. The charts are readable and they are all over the place. Chunk full of useful information and folklore along with the sciences and fun filled trivia facts. There are a lot of advertising on these pages, but that doesn't bother me much. It is a bargain, no matter how one slices and dices it.

Numerous recipes, odd facts about the history of horse breeding, how tides impact fishing, how El Nino impacts the winter and starting on page , there is a story about "Typhoid Mary," the "Most Dangerous Woman in America. Starting on page and going through to page , there is the monthly calendars with all the astronomical insights and astrological tidbits, weather folklore and things to look out for. The calendars start with November and go to December Starting on page and going on to the end of the almanac are numerous reference charts and tables. Easy to use and understand.

The Weather pages start at page and goes for about 20 onward. All these are easy to find because the Almanac has black tabs on the edges of those pages, so just look to the pages and you will quickly find them.

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I am so glad I got this in the hardback. For just a few dollars more, but this edition will last for a long, long time. I can lay the almanac down flat and the pages will stay flat -- they won't fall back on each other.

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The pages are also sewed and glued together, so this publication will be standing long after it's time is up. There is nothing that beats an almanac and the "Old Farmer's" is the cream of the crop! It is nice to be part of an old Tradition here in North America. This one lasted for centuries and still continues to the unforeseeable future! Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I get this every year for my sister's Christmas stocking. I know this sounds insane but she used it every year to plan her budgets for large properties she managed all over the US, and she always met her budget.

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When her superiors asked her how she did it she came up with a sensible answer, but said there was no way she could tell them she used an Almanac or they would think she was crazy. Too many advertisements. This is the worse almanac I have ever boughten. I was so disappointed. I bought one for ?

Both are horrible.

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I usually go by reviews when purchasing products especially on Amazon but this time I ignored the negative reviews but I wish I hadn't. It's full of stupid advertisements! There are more advertisements then actual facts. Because their books, idk if I can return them.

Cold winter: Farmer's Almanac predicts bitter temperatures

Plus I've had them for a few months already and I didn't have a chance to read them until a few weeks ago. I can't reccomend anyone to buy them. The almanac also claims that this winter will prove bitterly cold all around, with the exception of a few Southwestern states, which should experience mild weather. The Farmers Almanac fails to note exactly what 'bitterly cold' means, and since it paints North, South, East, and West with the same broad words, it could mean any number of temperatures and conditions. If the Almanac is to be believed for the coming winter, it would be a good idea to weatherproof your plumbing, prepare your roof for snow, and make sure your chimney is clean and ready for wood fires.

You might also want to place a few strategic bets on the team you think would fare better in a Superbowl blizzard. But in all likelihood, this winter will have as much chance of being "bitterly cold" as any other winter.

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It's probably safest to listen to your local meteorologist a day or two at a time than to try to plan your life around a year-old forecasting method. Catastrophe How Accurate is the Farmer's Almanac? Ryan Hanley December 17, Historic Almanac Wins Believers in the Old Farmers Almanac have a fair amount of evidence to shore up their trust in the publication's predictions.

Consider the following eerily accurate claims: The edition of the Almanac predicted a humongous hurricane for the Northeast. This proved true when Hurricane Carol hit New England, one of the worst tropical storms in history.

How Accurate Is the Farmer's Almanac's Winter Forecast?

In , the Almanac accurately predicted a mild winter. But it also claimed that there would be plenty of snowfall for the winter Olympics in Calgary. Even though the weeks leading up to the Olympics were mild and dry, a huge snowfall landed just in time for the Games. Regis and Kathy Lee discussed the Almanac on their show in because of an uncanny prediction that January would bring two very warm weeks to New York. The Almanac even coined the term Juneuary , to describe the unusual warm spell.

New York did, indeed, see two weeks of balmy 70 degree weather.

2012: The Weather So Far …

ALL , Uncategorized , Weather. An Arctic Fox has made the epic journey from Norway all the way to Canada. The young female fox, who is just shy of her first birthday, …. Tomorrow is the 4th of July and many, many Hot Dogs are gonna be taken down. Make sure your ready for the big day with American ….

The accidental ….

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Winter …. Not saying it was aliens but whatever that distrubance in a cloud hovering over a mountain in Sweden was very curious in nature.