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Last season, players got The Last Word , as well as some hints that the Hive were working to recreate Thorn. It looks like they might have succeeded, and that'll likely have some more story implications going forward as well. Check out our lore rundown for the full skinny on Thorn and The Last Word. Like other recent Exotic quests in Destiny 2, capturing your very own Thorn is a pretty lengthy endeavor. It's going to require some grinding, although this time, Destiny 2 has made things a bit easier by adding options: in many steps, you can either play events like Nightfall Strikes or Escalation Protocol, or you can head to the Crucible and earn your Thorn through battles with other players.

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There's still one big Crucible step that's going to take a while to work through, though. Here's everything you need to know to get yourself Thorn, including where to start , and plenty of tips to speed up the process. Before you can start the quest, you have to find the remnants of a Shadow of Yor's weapon.

You can do that by locating Shin Malphur's camp, which is hinted at in one of the lore items related to Aunor, the Warlock who's been sending you messages in Season 6 to warn you about the Drifter. To get it, you'll need to head to Trostland in the EDZ. Check out our written description for some help , or watch the video above. Once you get the Melted Hunk of Metal from the camp, take it to Banshee for your next step.

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  6. Next, you'll need to gather several kinds of materials to rebuild the gun. The first requires Hadronic Essence, a material Warlocks used to use to upgrade their stuff. To get those items, you'll need to kill Warlocks in the Crucible, complete bounties on Io, or complete Nightfall Strikes. You'll move the fastest if you do Nightfalls: each completion will net you 15 Hadronic Essence, so four runs will complete the step.

    If you prefer bounties or Crucible, things will go a bit slower, with bounties and Warlock kills earning you five essence Hadronic Essence each. If you figured that after Warlock materials you'd need to get some from Titans and Hunters, you were right. The next step requires Plasteel, another material from Destiny grinds past.

    These you can get from bounties on Titan, killing Titans in the Crucible, and from completing the Blind Well event in the Dreaming City.

    Destiny 2 Thorn Quest Guide: All The Steps To Quickly Get Your Weapon Of Sorrow

    As with the last step, bounties and kills yielded five Plasteel each, while the Blind Well was quicker--it kicked out 10 Plasteel with each Heroic completion. You need 50 in total, so five Blind Wells will do it, and this is a good chance to check off your Gateway Between Worlds weekly bounty from Petra as well. The last item you need comes from Hunters: Sapphire Wire. This one will take you to Mars if you're going the PvE route, where you'll need to complete Escalation Protocol levels.

    Of all the PvE approaches, Escalation Protocol is the slowest, yielding only 5 Sapphire Wire for each level you complete.

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    However, combine it with two bounties from Ana Bray and you can complete the step with one complete Escalation Protocol run, which includes seven levels, since bounties also yield 5 Wire each. You can also head to the Crucible and kill Hunters, but with so many people working on Thorn, it seems like EP is the quicker way to go. Once you've finished your work rebuilding Thorn, you'll need to infuse it with Light to make it more than just a gun. As is usually the case with these sorts of things, that means heading to the Crucible and grinding kills.

    Destiny 2: How to Get Exotic Hand Cannon Thorn - Season of the Drifter

    There's good news here, and bad news. This approach broke open the new model for us — one that moved beyond innovation to include productization and rapid scale, bypassing existing bureaucratic structures that often hamper access, data sharing, and collaboration. We now house the first engineering and data science team focused solely on developing new technologies to combat online child sexual abuse. We bring together a team with deep technical knowledge and subject matter expertise to innovate and deploy new technology solutions at a much faster rate.

    We are able to quickly assess whether new technologies can be repurposed to protect children from sexual exploitation through one of our three strategic pillars: 1 accelerating victim identification 2 equipping platforms, and 3 empowering the public. Thorn is a full-time team of nearly 40 staff and contractors, working from 12 different states to unleash the power of technology on behalf of vulnerable children.

    The Thorn (Fallout: New Vegas)

    Our community is spreading the message that we can do better, we can do more, we can stand up and build a world we believe in. A world where every child is safe, curious, and happy. We are Thorn. To fix either kill one of the teams, exit The Thorn, wait a few game hours then return, things should be normal.

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    Or if Lucy is facing the arena, to her right and behind her there is an area you can sneak where one team is visible. With a silenced weapon, kill that team and the match will end. You can exit the pit from the stairs located behind Lucy. If you kill the team undetected, things will be normal.

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    A Stealth Boy may help in this. An invisible wall will block your path. You can however get through it by crouching then jumping or just walk forward and keep jumping. This prevents the battle from being completed, and so stops the courier from leaving. If you're lucky enough, the enemy may reveal itself through the door by walking into it a giant radscorpion's claws, for example , and you may be able to get a few cheap shots at it.

    It's advised to save before the battles, and not to use explosives on creatures from a distance before they get free as this can throw them back through the door or possibly hit spectators, which will turn them hostile. Though to avoid this altogether the player can hug the right wall of the arena and go around the column next to the exit gate to approach them so that they will be too close when engaged in combat and will not run away.

    Even noclipping through the exit gate, Red Lucy will be stuck saying "The crowds are waiting for you, stranger. When you tell them to follow you again, they run down into the arena and start running against a flaming barrel. Traveling to Freeside without fast-travel will fix the bugged Strip door, no longer needing a key. However, if you have not passed the credit check for the Securitrons they will attack you once in Freeside. This can be done as many times as needed. Otherwise, you may end up inside the cage, with no way to exit except by reverting to an earlier save.

    This leaves no option but to reload a previous save each time. Most of the time they will 'float' back up to their place or walk through the gates when a battle starts. The enemies will pay no attention to them. If you attack her first, she may retaliate. This can be fixed by saving and reloading the file. When you talk to Lucy she tells to wait til the fight is over. Loading your last save before inside The Thorn, then loading the most current one should fix this.

    The cages, to the left deathclaws , to the right night stalkers.